Mike Foldhazi is a self-taught Northern California metal sculptor who is an active member of the Fairfield-Suisun City Visual Arts Association. In the FSVAA 54th Regional Northern California Juried Art Show in 2017, his sculptures (pictured above) received 1st place, the People's Choice Award and an Honorable Mention. His work is in private collections and currently on display at the FSVAA Gallery in the Solano Town Center and the Lawler House Gallery.


During his formative years, Mike was greatly influenced by his Grandfather. His Grandfather, a career welder/fabricator, often took young Mike to his workshop. This exposure to diverse industrial processes at such an early age had a significant impact in igniting his creative energy. Mike was forever destined to view his world through the lens of creativity and the endless possibilities of working with metal.

Being an admirer of all things industrial, Mike spends his spare time collecting cast-aside metal objects that speak to him of a time past, a provenance of history. He gives found metal a second chance at life by repurposing it into his sculptures. His work represents a creative way to give new life to things long gone.

'Time Bandit'

'Space Ace'

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